Battles Within – Love Aware 36

knight grounded

My head has occasion to be noisy,
At times, my heart let’s out a wail,
My imaginations run amok,
If it goes on too long, I’ll surely fail.

Take these thoughts away, Lord.
At your feet, these burdens I put,
Embracing your long-lasting peace, God,
Keep my troubles under your foot.

Lift me up against these storms,
Which haunt my mind and heart.
Protect me from my sin against thee,
Never again, do I want to depart.

Let me be a light to others,
Forgive me of dark periods past,
Have mercy upon me, Father.
These troubles to you, I cast.

The enemy is fighting fierce.
Battles within are waged in my mind,
Search my heart and spirit, Oh God,
At its core, I hope you will find:

That I sing a song of Glory!
Praising your character, true.
Of your love and enduring faithfulness,
My greatest hope and trust is because of You!


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Today is Yours – Love Aware 35

heavenly sky

Today, I come in worship, O God,
To your majesty and power,
Of your creativity and design.
For your tender mercies, your grace,
And your enduring love so divine.

Today, I come to sing you praise,
Wonderful savior, Great Shepherd,
Jesus, the Christ – cleanser of my sin,
Blessed redeemer, who went to the cross,
Eternal victory, defeating death, rising again.

Today, I come to listen, Holy Spirit
Full of wisdom, and counsel, my teacher.
For how you guide me, with constant prayer,
Groaning, interceding, and leading,
Great comfort to know you’re always there.

Today, I come to serve thee, Lord
Ar work, with smiles and tears,
In fellowship with others,
By example daily in my living,
Christ-like love to all strangers and brothers.

Today is yours, God
Allow me to redeem its time.
Thank you for the gift of this day,
In such a way to please you,
More aware of your love always.


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Yours – Love Aware 34

Potter Hands

I messed up, God.
So many opportunities.
I wasted too many.
The time is and always will be,

Elders I didn’t respect.
Followers I cast away.
Friends ignored. People wronged.
Not my people,

Chances to proclaim your goodness,
To offer forgiveness or friendship,
To help heal someone’s hurt,
Not because of my words,

The day is not mine to waste,
but of opportunities from now I find,
Thank you for forgiving me,
Redeemed, it’s no longer my life, but


Photo on Pixabay by James DeMers


Living Small – Love Aware 33

figurine of tiny baby in hand


Living Small

Thank you for this day,
One of a certain number,
A total of which I am uncertain
But I have this day,
And I am grateful.

Thank you for this song,
Every situation like a reminder,
Of a song I used to sing,
Yet now I sing of you,
Thank you, Jesus; Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for this meal,
I shall savor every bite,
Only be your giving and means,
Might I prepare it and take part,
Breaking bread in thanks.

Thank you for this prayer,
this faith, this assurance so blessed,
You precede everything.
In my life and outside of my life,
With promise to direct my paths.

Thank you for enough,
So I may rejoice at living small,
Knowing that by your saving grace,
I’m living as a part of your larger purpose.
May others see what you’ve done for me.

For this day,
this meal,
this prayer,
this song,
for the beauty of living small:
Thank you!


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Intercession Session – Love Aware 32

Woman Praying



I seek your favor, God
But not for my own today.
Others are in need of your power,
It’s for them I come to pray.

As I ask these things I bring to you,
I pray most that they will surely see:
Upon the answers of my prayers,
They see your work, done miraculously.

Friends adding to their family,
Provide health and means to grow,
With loving all around them,
Letting their joy overflow.

Travelers have need of your mercy,
Protecting them from danger or harm.
Give them safe passage and return,
Giving thanks to you when they come home.

So many sick and hurting,
Give them healing, or at least peace
Do so in such a way, God
Their praise of you will never cease.

And those battling habits of harm,
hurting themselves and those near,
block their path to destruction,
bringing them out of such despair.

To those who’ve been broken hearted,
Dreams dashed or from love gone bad;
Show them tender mercies and love in such,
they turn to you, no greater love to be had.

Homelessness is rampant,
Jobs and careers are being sought,
Civic unrest, hunger abounds,
Selfishness and pride being wrought.

From the dominion of darkness they reside
Rescue them from the bonds that bind,
Let them praise you for you goodness,
Wonderful works of yours they find.

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