Funeral for a Friendly Neighbor


Maybe you’ve seen a game of tag among the neighborhood squirrels. I think it’s a game they play. Sometimes, there is much noise and it seems at times some tempers flare when things get a little rough. When the birds join in, it can get kind of ugly.

As I was driving home recently, I saw one of our furry friends in the road, run over. I paused on the quiet road. I watched as other squirrels came over to the one that passed. Birds landed and watched from the sidewalk as other squirrels gathered on the street.

It was like a service for the one that passed. Those that played and fought stopped for a moment. Something to behold. A funeral for a friendly neighbor. It’s as if the birds supported the squirrels with Rom 12:15 in heart.

I looked up from my teary eyes and saw a lady standing still along the sidewalk, her dog sitting at her side.

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

If the animal kingdom can do this (squirrels and birds and dogs together), can’t we too, we people?

Remembering My School Days – and My Mom


Maybe it was because of recent graduations. Perhaps it was remembering my Mom’s upcoming birthday (Arrivederci, Mama). It was probably a home video of my childhood, sent by my younger brother.

The video includes many scenes from my early childhood, back when we kept waving because there was no sound and we were taking moving pictures. Included were a few birthday shots with cake and cousins. And my Mom.

From the video, I captured a still of me and my cousin, Al, posting it on Facebook. That’s probably how the rapid flood of memories began. A few friends from decades ago caught a glimpse and liked the picture. The reconnecting began.

I remembered a certain girl from early childhood. I didn’t know what a crush was back then, but my Mom told me I had one.  I connected with my first “crush” on Facebook. There is gladness in my heart for this memory. She is still a beautiful girl. She is also part of a Facebook group from our graduating High School Class. I joined in (with permission).

My face was painted with smiles, then tears. Sorrows, followed by laughter as I went through the posts. Remembering places and faces.

I’ve never been too nostalgic, until this past weekend. I no longer have possession of any of the photos or documents from my past. I have the memories.  While hesitant to re-connect with some classmates who hurt me – or with those whom I had hurt – I began to realize how important each and every one of these people and memories are in my life.

I’m glad the reconnecting has begun. I’m glad to look back on these school day memories as valuable. I’m glad for these people and how they’ve grown.

Facebook, to me, is as much a prayer list as anything else. As I scroll through updates, I find myself praying for the person rather than reading their update. I’m grateful my prayer list just got bigger.

Special people, those I grew up with. And my Mom.

Listening: A Sign of Love – #LingerLonger

listening eyes

Listening is a sign of love. It’s a way to Linger Longer, to enjoy life – your life and the life around you.

Full-face, patient, heart-felt listening takes on many shapes and forms. Your eyes can show the care in your listening. Your eyebrows can communicate without interrupting. Your jaws, mouth, and lips can show empathy.

In a similar manner, by listening with senses other than your ears alone, you can hear the cry of a stranger just by watching their conversation with the world around them.

In an attempt to Linger Longer, build up your listening muscles to show love.

Photo on Pixabay by Unsplash


Lifestyles Not My Kind

working on laptop in coffee shop

I know this guy. He hunts and fishes and celebrates his bounty with boisterous excitement to all within his vocal aim. His lifestyle is not my lifestyle. When I see him, I tell him in some way, “I love you, man.” And I do. With Christ as my example.

I know this woman. Hard-working mother and wife. Except for her smoking habit, she’s in great health. She likes to talk about what she watches on television (usually reality TV) or how she did at the bingo games. Her lifestyle is not my lifestyle. When I see her, I find a way to let her know, “I love you, friend.” And I do. With Christ as my example.

I know this young guy. He has a giving heart and a contagious laugh. His tattoos are colorful and abundant. His partner doesn’t have tattoos (that I’ve seen), but he’s probably thinking about it because he’s often bragging about the other guy. He has smiling eyes. Their lifestyle is not my lifestyle. When I see them together, we laugh and smile. I want to show them, “I love you guys.” And I do. With Christ as my example.

There are many people who do things differently, living lifestyles that are not my kind of lifestyle. I want to love them. I find ways to love them. When I look for ways to love, it’s easy to find. And I do.

With Christ as my example.

Photo from DollarPhotoClub

A Virtuous Woman

Angela Sansone Proverbs 31

A Virtuous Woman. One of noble character.

The Bible points out in Prov 31:10 that such a woman is more valuable than rare gems, and must be hard to find:

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

We hear about “strong” women and “hard-working” women. I’m not sure I agree with the labels in blanket form. A woman is a woman. Is someone who is not a “strong” woman the opposite of such?

Much of what is written in Proverbs 31 lists some of these better traits and behaviors. Maybe the verses in this chapter are the resume of a virtuous woman. Or maybe …

After all those listed, in Prov 31:30 we read, in part:

 …but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

I believe a Proverbs 31 woman (or man) is sold out, given up, and surrendered to God. Not just waiting on God with patience, but waiting on God in service.

The things a virtuous woman does, what she believes, how she behaves, what she says – are because of and in hopes to please God.

It is a blessing to be married to such a woman. She is pictured here. Praying on a rooftop, on foreign soil.

Living a life in faith and of obedience – to God. Virtuously. Victoriously.