RINSE Away Your Anger


RINSE: Anger is a real emotion. Yet, we should not let it control our behavior or control our time. We read in Eph 4:26 – “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”

That second part used to be a tough one for me. I thought that I shouldn’t sleep until a situation was resolved. That thinking often led to more frustration, hotter emotions, tired tomorrows … I was giving the devil a foothold!

I’ve learned how to leave my emotions at the cross, and end my day calmly using at least one thing from what I call RINSE:

R – Write. Get the anger out of my head onto paper. Walk away.
I – Ingredients. The kitchen, for me, is a prayer closet. I’ll often prepare foods to use for our component-style cooking, praying or singing while I prepare.
N – Neaten. Cleaning or organizing burns off the edge of an anger, plus I’ve got something positive done!
S – Shower. An actual rinse, sometimes simply standing under the water and praying (or crying).
E – Exercise. Walking, dancing, stairs – whatever I can for as long as it takes for the anger to subside.

Don’t run with anger into a marathon for resolution (sin will eventually become a running mate). Neither let anger linger for the devil to build it into something bigger. If a thing cannot be solved quick, do a RINSE. Defer your anger (Prov 19:11). Sleep well. Sin not.

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