About Armchair Articulations

Armchair Articulations is a platform for my personal writing. We own what we know when we articulate it. Whether it’s written, drawn, sung, or acted out. Mind-mapped, photographed, or played. Part of owning our own knowledge is articulating what’s in our head and heart.

There are social networks, blog sites, and open mics. I’ve had opportunity to practice them all. This space, these armchair articulations, don’t often fit in those reserved spaces. Yet, I want to own what I know. And, I want to own the space. For these, my armchair articulations.

About Mike Sansone

I am a writer and coach. I’ve served in churches as an assistant pastor and preacher, and also at rescue and recovery missions as a mentor and preacher. I’ve held various positions in retail, services, and operations of small businesses.

  • I believe we’re all contagious (whether we admit it or not) and we each choose which contagion to spread.
  • I believe at the core of ourselves, we are each still very much like the 5-year old child we once were, just wanting to be liked, have fun, and be curious.
  • I believe everything is an experiment and we are all (and always) in beta.

I currently live in the Nebraska with my wife, Angela.

About You

Perhaps you are a weary internet traveler seeking inspiration or imaginations. Welcome. Perhaps you are traveling through my other sites (business) and have come here to look around. Welcome. Perhaps you are a business owner looking at this example of attaching a personal site to your professional work. Welcome. Perhaps you are a troll, looking for trouble. Welcome (you, not the trouble).