RINSE Away Your Anger


RINSE: Anger is a real emotion. Yet, we should not let it control our behavior or control our time. We read in Eph 4:26 – “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”

That second part used to be a tough one for me. I thought that I shouldn’t sleep until a situation was resolved. That thinking often led to more frustration, hotter emotions, tired tomorrows … I was giving the devil a foothold!

I’ve learned how to leave my emotions at the cross, and end my day calmly using at least one thing from what I call RINSE:

R – Write. Get the anger out of my head onto paper. Walk away.
I – Ingredients. The kitchen, for me, is a prayer closet. I’ll often prepare foods to use for our component-style cooking, praying or singing while I prepare.
N – Neaten. Cleaning or organizing burns off the edge of an anger, plus I’ve got something positive done!
S – Shower. An actual rinse, sometimes simply standing under the water and praying (or crying).
E – Exercise. Walking, dancing, stairs – whatever I can for as long as it takes for the anger to subside.

Don’t run with anger into a marathon for resolution (sin will eventually become a running mate). Neither let anger linger for the devil to build it into something bigger. If a thing cannot be solved quick, do a RINSE. Defer your anger (Prov 19:11). Sleep well. Sin not.

The Battle Within


I felt his presence again just the other night. It had been awhile. Time was prime for his appearance. I was tired. There was a crowd about us. In a hurry. The person before me was … in a mood. And then, it happened.

A verbal attack thrust upon me. Or so it seemed in my weak state. Calm, yet pointed. And he almost got out. My old self. My prideful self. The one quick to anger and adept with pointed words. On the tip of my tongue he sat, ready to pounce.

The battle on the outside is really a battle within.

The Holy Spirit is always more ready than I. I remembered Psalm 119:165 (no need to be offended). I recalled Prov 13:10 (contention is caused by pride) and Prov 26:20 (no wood, no fire). And 2 Cor 4:17 put things in proper perspective (this problem is lightweight compared). In my mind’s eye and ear, I watched Stephen stoned and heard his last words of forgiveness (Acts 7:60).

My old self was kept at bay. A sincere and courteous parting I offered to my opponent. I departed in victory. Yet, I struggled for a few moments as pride from the victory began to rise up within me. The wrestling match continues (Eph 6:12).

I know that only by the mighty power of God was I able to withstand these so small battle. Only because of the gift of God was I able to bear a good witness. Only because I have access to God through Christ, was I able to confess these innermost thoughts and rest assured that I am cleansed. Victory over the battle within.

Jesus knows. While hanging from the cross, innocent yet punished in the worst of ways. All the while, knowing why and for whom (for you, for me). Blameless. So that He could say, “It is finished,” and be for each who receives His gift, the way and the truth for eternal life with Him (John 14:6). Thank you, Jesus.

Escape: Transportation or Transformation?

way to escape

A Way to Escape

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.
1 Cor 10:13

The Bible tells us God is ever faithful and will always see to it that we are not tempted above what we can bear – that with temptation, He will also make a way to escape … so that we can bear whatever temptation we do have before us.

While escape sounds like a transportation, sometimes a change of location is not immediately possible. Might there be other ways of escape?

Rather than an escape of transportation, perhaps an escape of transformation: 

  • By prayer
  • By Bible reading
  • By worship (humming a favorite hymn)
  • By witness (focus on God’s creative work)
  • By working as unto the Lord
  • By fellowship

When in private temptations, I do my best to avoid hiding in the dark but to hide in the light. Get in front of such temptation by being in public places.

And to set my mind on Godly things (Php 4:8).

Other references to escape: Luke 21:36, Heb 2:3

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Reflecting Up

reflective glass

It is not for modesty — but for Glory’s sake.

If there be any good that come from me, my words or the work of my hands: It is not I, but Christ from within; with the Holy Spirit as my guide.

I’ve found if compliments to me are given, I may receive them for just a bit. Then, rather than reject them, reflecting them upward to the heavenly.

For I know too well who I have been apart from God. I know the (old) man I still wrestle with inside. And, while glad for the praise, I more adore finding ways I can give proper attribution to the One from whom all good gifts come:

To God be the glory, through Christ Jesus, by the Holy Spirit given.

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