Always There – Love Aware 31

Praising God at Sunset

Hallelujah! I shout to celebrate,
Victory always because of you.
Every trial, trouble and test of time,
You always bring me through.

The battles are easier, when my eyes I affix
To seek your Kingdom in every season.
Your purpose I trust, Your will I seek,
In everything I’m confident of your reason.

Why do I fret, should I ever tremble?
Fretting comes when I rely on my own.
Whether on accident or by stupidity,
You rescue me, this you’ve always shown.

Thank you, Father; Thank you, Jesus;
Thank you, Holy Spirit, too!
Show me how to be, where to go,
Instruct me on what I should do.

If I should stray, or trip on the path,
Towards your voice I will listen with care.
All good that happens to me in time,
Is only because you’re always there.

Grappling – Love Aware 30

Woman Strained Face
What can I learn from this?
How does it apply?
Trying to seek first, your Kingdom,
Yet also, wondering why.

In going through this challenge,
Give me pause to reflect on your Word,
or bring me back to a sermon,
from a preacher I once heard.

Show me the way, Dear God
Spirit, please guide on what to do.
Prove me beyond this struggle,
Strengthen me towards a breakthrough.

My desire is to please you, Lord,
So I cast away doubt or fear,
Looking for a glorious testimony of your goodness,
And how you are always right here.

Though I want this grappling to cease,
From this battle, to be set free.
I want to serve your purpose and goodness,
Thank Jesus, for saving a wretch like me.


Photo on Pixabay by skeeze

Are You There, Lord? – Love Aware 29

dark clouds

I wait patiently for your answer,
to guide me and set me straight.
I wait in service during your silence,
so the time passes quick.

Are you there, Lord?
Is your silence also your answer?
I check my gut, calm my thoughts,
In prayer, I meditate on your Word.

Is it my request that needs a tweak?
Is my impatience causing a delay?
In the meantime I will serve, you God,
To please you not for earnings.

You are the Most High and giving God,
In my deepest and horrible times of trial,
You have rescued me, forgiven me, and set me right
With unfathomable love, you have blessed me abundant.

With trust and faith, I await your instruction.
With love and honor, I try to serve you well.
Forgive my hurry, it’s anticipation.
To see and testify of your wonder and glory.

Thank you, Lord, for always being here.
It is all I can truly count on.
For at the end of each path I can see,
Your hand, and how you’ve guided me safely.

I wait with much patience, Lord
To hear your voice and read your Word,
Continuing in service with joy,
Your blessings and love comfort me always.

Good Morning – Love Aware Day 28

sunrise on a farm

Good morning, Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving me rest.
Your witnesses are singing,
Wind in the trees; Birds in their nest.

Good morning, Jesus my Savior,
Thank you for protecting my sleep.
Shine bright within and from out of me,
So Your light might attract lost sheep.

Good morning, Holy Spirit,
Thank you for guiding my day.
As I intersect and interact with others,
Give me loving wisdom in what to say.

Good morning heavenly hosts,
servants of God, warriors of prayer,
Thank you for your surrender,
Of your consecrated work, I am aware.

Good morning, Holy Bible,
Thank you for your Word so alive!
Teach me things new and old,
In your precepts, I will abide.


Photo on Pixabay via Unsplash

God Designs – Love Aware 27

Landscape by God Designs

God Designs –

Who can paint the sky?
Who can chisel the stone?
Who can form the clouds?
Only you, God, you alone.

You design life abundant,
Animals, plants, and birds,
Creating a life and healing process,
Guiding me by your living Word.

Amazing colors, miraculous work
I rejoice and marvel looking about to see.
Your majestic work around me,
Serves as an ongoing testimony.

Then to think outside of this earth,
to the working universe beyond.
And even more, an everlasting life.
With Jesus’ blood creating our bond.

All by your design and power,
Almighty God, for the rest of my days,
I am grateful, thankful, forever yours
To serve, worship, and praise always.


Photo on Pixabay by Frank Winkler