Living Small – Love Aware 33

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Living Small

Thank you for this day,
One of a certain number,
A total of which I am uncertain
But I have this day,
And I am grateful.

Thank you for this song,
Every situation like a reminder,
Of a song I used to sing,
Yet now I sing of you,
Thank you, Jesus; Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for this meal,
I shall savor every bite,
Only be your giving and means,
Might I prepare it and take part,
Breaking bread in thanks.

Thank you for this prayer,
this faith, this assurance so blessed,
You precede everything.
In my life and outside of my life,
With promise to direct my paths.

Thank you for enough,
So I may rejoice at living small,
Knowing that by your saving grace,
I’m living as a part of your larger purpose.
May others see what you’ve done for me.

For this day,
this meal,
this prayer,
this song,
for the beauty of living small:
Thank you!


Photo on Pixabay by condesign

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