Today is Yours – Love Aware 35

heavenly sky

Today, I come in worship, O God,
To your majesty and power,
Of your creativity and design.
For your tender mercies, your grace,
And your enduring love so divine.

Today, I come to sing you praise,
Wonderful savior, Great Shepherd,
Jesus, the Christ – cleanser of my sin,
Blessed redeemer, who went to the cross,
Eternal victory, defeating death, rising again.

Today, I come to listen, Holy Spirit
Full of wisdom, and counsel, my teacher.
For how you guide me, with constant prayer,
Groaning, interceding, and leading,
Great comfort to know you’re always there.

Today, I come to serve thee, Lord
Ar work, with smiles and tears,
In fellowship with others,
By example daily in my living,
Christ-like love to all strangers and brothers.

Today is yours, God
Allow me to redeem its time.
Thank you for the gift of this day,
In such a way to please you,
More aware of your love always.


Photo on Pixabay by Skitterphoto

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