Battles Within – Love Aware 36

knight grounded

My head has occasion to be noisy,
At times, my heart let’s out a wail,
My imaginations run amok,
If it goes on too long, I’ll surely fail.

Take these thoughts away, Lord.
At your feet, these burdens I put,
Embracing your long-lasting peace, God,
Keep my troubles under your foot.

Lift me up against these storms,
Which haunt my mind and heart.
Protect me from my sin against thee,
Never again, do I want to depart.

Let me be a light to others,
Forgive me of dark periods past,
Have mercy upon me, Father.
These troubles to you, I cast.

The enemy is fighting fierce.
Battles within are waged in my mind,
Search my heart and spirit, Oh God,
At its core, I hope you will find:

That I sing a song of Glory!
Praising your character, true.
Of your love and enduring faithfulness,
My greatest hope and trust is because of You!


Photo on Pixabay by jaymethunt

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