Intercession Schedule: Praying for Pastors

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I recently wrote about a burden on my heart to be praying for pastors, along with leaders and workers in the ministry. I’ve created and am practicing a weekly routine that helps me focus each day.

Sunday – Praying for Passion

I pray for pastors to find and follow a renewed passion, allowing them to preach and teach however the Holy Spirit guides them. I also pray for a zeal and love for Christ, His bride, His Kingdom, and the lost and hungry.

Monday – Praying for Family

I pray for the time and opportunity for a focus on the family. Praying for a protection of love and health, for a time to build a stronger bond away from work.

Tuesday – Praying for Personal Pursuits

I pray for time for the worker of the Gospel to re-create and recreate. Praying also for personal development in pursuits of physical or mental refreshment. Most importantly, for time during the week for the worker to find time for personal intake and conversation with God.

Wednesday – Praying for Preparation

I pray for preparation of heart, mind, and body as the coming weekend approaches. Praying for unctions of message and methods to be clear, for distractions to be minimal, and for workers and assistance to be plentiful.

Thursday – Praying for Health

I pray for the health of pastors and workers, along with their family’s physical needs. I pray for peaceful and plentiful sleep.

Friday – Praying for Provision

I pray for provision for the pastor and ministry worker: provisions of time, of sustenance, of materials and resources, of finances, and again for workers and assistance.

Saturday – Praying for Protection

I pray for a hedge of protection to be placed around the pastor and ministry worker as the weekend gets in high gear. I pray for protection of his family, for his conversations, and against spiritual attacks of many kinds.

Side Note

The list above is simplified and general. There are often specific prayers for specific people. If you are considering praying for your pastor, ministry leader, missionary, or worker – and I pray you are burdened so – please use this as desired.

And pastor … there is a prayer cover over you. Daily. And then eternity!

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