Praying for Pastors

Praying for Pastors from the Pew

A burden on my heart grows. I can feel the tears welling up – almost from within my cheeks. A burden to pray. Every day. For my pastor(s).

Every day I must pray For Pastor:

  • For protection.
  • For provision.
  • For preparation.
  • For renewed passion.
  • For health.
  • For family time.
  • For their personal pursuits.

I am blessed to count many pastors and ministry leaders as friends. Having once stood behind the desk, and now with a view from a pew, I have a sense of the trials and turmoil associated with such position.

Pastors are under continual spiritual attack, threats, and temptation. Oh, that we might pray daily for the person and practice of the pastor.

Oh, that we might.


This burden I have is not to win over the pastors in my life. Or even to thank them (though I am grateful). The burden is a gift from God. He loves my pastor(s) more than I can ever imagine.

Yes Pastor, I love you. But … this one is for God.

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