Tame Wild Imaginations with Captivating Music

empty bench dark night

Wild imaginations. How do they take hold so fast? Past pitfalls. Present problems. Perceiving possibilities. It’s almost like the devil has a joystick controlling my thoughts.

But he doesn’t.

In 2 Cor 10:5, I am reminded:

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

As best as I can, as early as I can, I grab hold of Scripture, a verse or from a song. Music becomes a way to tame the wild imaginations of past and present and help bring focus back to those things that are good (Phl 4:8).

Here are three songs that help me most often:

More Than Ever – Gaither Vocal Band

Only a Shadow – Misty Edwards

Take My Hand, Precious Lord – Tennessee Ernie Ford

What music or verse tames your wild imaginations?

Photo on Pixabay by Desertrose7

Spring Around, Fall Over – Mattress Turn Days

Mattress Turn Days

I’ve never really liked April Fool’s Day or Halloween. Pranks and Practical Jokes. Masks and Scares.

Some people don’t like Friday the 13th in such a way, they don’t leave their house.  It’s not that bad in my case. And now, it’s much better.

When the calendar turns to April 1 or October 31, all I have to remember is to Spring Around or Fall Over.  It’s Mattress Turn Days. Our mattress stays fresh and free of dips and dimples.

On April 1, we rotate our mattress around so the head becomes the foot. On October 31, we flip the mattress over. Bottoms up.

Now, instead of dreading a practical punk’d or scary synthetic spider, I look forward to #MattressTurn Days.

Remember: Spring Around or Fall Over.

Photo on Pixabay by JamesDeMers


Keeper Thoughts and Wild Bones

Mike Thinking About WritingWhile I much prefer to write first from the heart, and then rewrite with my head (Finding Forrester clip), occasionally during a quiet time I find myself writing (rehearsing?) in my mind.

As she came into the room, she asked what I was doing.

“I’m writing,” I said, and continued looking out the window.

Truth is, I had already written a draft and was simply polishing the thought, though many additions and addenda came about during this pondering.

And there was a tablet for notes on the table before me to help capture keeper thoughts and wild bones.

For New Insights and Images

storm-clouds-brewingAlso, there was a time I was using my Facebook to post a lot of personal or spiritual thoughts. That wasn’t too comfortable. Not because the response wasn’t good (it was) or that it was controversial (it wasn’t), but it didn’t fit.

Facebook is really rented space. While valuable for updating distanced friends and family of happenings, the numerous changes that happen to how Facebook presents items in my stream reminds me – it’s rented space. Free, but borrowed really.

And if Facebook ever shuts down, there goes my … everything I posted.

On this space,while it can go quiet – as it has in the past year – if it goes completely away, it’s by my own doing.  I can post non-business thoughts in full, without limitations, with plenty of experimentations, and share it on Facebook when I deem appropriate. Sharing it there still updates friends and family (if they see it in their stream), but it resides here – on my site.

There are often things and thoughts I want to record somewhere, but it’s not appropriate on either business site (ConverStations or SmallBizTracks). These things might include:

  • Cooking
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Books
  • Scripture and Spiritual
  • Politics (not a chance)
  • Family/FriendsFun stuff
  • Uncategorized Images and Insights.

For weeks I’ve been thinking about reinvigorating this site with thoughts stuck in my head and heart, aching to get out, if for no other reason but to make room for new images and insights.

Occasionally, this kind of site is great as a whiteboard for ideas, even business ideas. A personal site like this is great for that kind of writing. It’s like a driving range for writing and articulating thoughts (Now that’s a business blog post, hmm?)

The way I began this post was as iff the conversation here never took a pause. And on a site like this, it’s more appropriate than an apology for being away so long. I never really went away, I just wrote and spoke elsewhere. So the conversation continues…

Photo from picjumbo