Spring Around, Fall Over – Mattress Turn Days

Mattress Turn Days

I’ve never really liked April Fool’s Day or Halloween. Pranks and Practical Jokes. Masks and Scares.

Some people don’t like Friday the 13th in such a way, they don’t leave their house.  It’s not that bad in my case. And now, it’s much better.

When the calendar turns to April 1 or October 31, all I have to remember is to Spring Around or Fall Over.  It’s Mattress Turn Days. Our mattress stays fresh and free of dips and dimples.

On April 1, we rotate our mattress around so the head becomes the foot. On October 31, we flip the mattress over. Bottoms up.

Now, instead of dreading a practical punk’d or scary synthetic spider, I look forward to #MattressTurn Days.

Remember: Spring Around or Fall Over.

Photo on Pixabay by JamesDeMers


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