Praying for Pastors

Praying for Pastors from the Pew

A burden on my heart grows. I can feel the tears welling up – almost from within my cheeks. A burden to pray. Every day. For my pastor(s).

Every day I must pray For Pastor:

  • For protection.
  • For provision.
  • For preparation.
  • For renewed passion.
  • For health.
  • For family time.
  • For their personal pursuits.

I am blessed to count many pastors and ministry leaders as friends. Having once stood behind the desk, and now with a view from a pew, I have a sense of the trials and turmoil associated with such position.

Pastors are under continual spiritual attack, threats, and temptation. Oh, that we might pray daily for the person and practice of the pastor.

Oh, that we might.


This burden I have is not to win over the pastors in my life. Or even to thank them (though I am grateful). The burden is a gift from God. He loves my pastor(s) more than I can ever imagine.

Yes Pastor, I love you. But … this one is for God.

How Does the Back of Your Baseball Card Read?

Little League

Sometimes, during introductions at a church meeting, we trade data. History, job title, family size. Stats not spirituals. Like the back of a baseball card.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit churches all across the United States. On weeknights and weekends. In church house, school house, and under tents. Different denominations, worship music, and dress codes.

One thing seems to be similar across the board. Unfortunately, it’s not Jesus Christ. It’s human beings.

I hold to a belief that every church gathering is perfect … until I arrive. At that point, I’m showing my own human frailties – and I notice ’em in other folks, too. They wouldn’t have seen mine and I would’ve never known theirs if I hadn’t gone. Perfect, until I get there.

At some level and for the sake of understanding the world and people around us, we tend to meet new folks at church and judge, compare, and label (JCL). Not so much for bad reasons, but to organize our brain.

One way we begin the JCL process is to ask secular questions such as:

  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Where are you from?
  • Family?
  • Just visiting?

It’s like an examination of the back of my baseball card. The data. The history. The stats.

Look at the front of the card, or at least deeper into one’s life. Like what is God doing with my life (a testimony), what kind of Kingdom work am I doing or looking for (a ministry), or how would I like to use my gifts (a talent).

It’s different than what we’re used to doing. It’s deeper, spiritually. How many times do you go deep? (Wait, that’s a back of the card number).

Photo on Pixabay by ruthclark

What I’m Looking For In My Church

country church

I’ve been in plenty of boring church services. I’ve probably led my share of boring church services. 

With as much traveling and moving as I’ve done in life, I’ve visited churches all over the country, coast-to-coast and border-to-border. Recently, we attended five churches in five different states, in five consecutive weeks (busy month).

I’ve seen and overseen many different styles of church services. I know what I want in a church service I’m attending. I want the same thing Christ wants. It’s His church.

That’s what He says in Matt 16:18:

“…upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

He brings me to a place. It’s not my church. The church belongs to Jesus.

If I’m not getting fed … if it’s not my style of music … if someone was a bit aloof or obtuse … if the preaching wasn’t positive … I’ll turn my attention, worship, and prayer to my Lord and heavenly things. As for my presence and attitude, I pray my behavior and conversation is contagious to attract others to Christ. Nothing less.

The church is Jesus’ bride. If I love Jesus, I’ll love the church. Each one I enter. Today, it’s in South Dakota.


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And Then, I Remember the Foundation of God

El Capitan

Headlines are becoming more and more amazing, epic, superfluous, and grandiose. They are clickbait headlines. They are written to get you, the reader, to click it, to share it, and to talk about it.

Around water coolers and coffee tables, conversations seem to echo the magnitude and marvelous majestic-isms made marvelous to massage your merriment or misery. Just remember this:

Nevertheless, the foundation of God stands sure.

The foundation of God stands sure. You can find that in 2 Tim 2:19

Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

With all the worry, the angst, the anger, the rumors, and the reports:

  • Nevertheless, the foundation of God stands sure… – 2 Tim 2:19
  • … a precious corner stone, a sure foundation… –  Isa 28:16
  • … a stronghold in the day of trouble. – Nah 1:7
  • … and the gates of hell shall not prevail… – Matt 16:18

Fret not (Psa 37:1). The foundation of God stands sure.


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Write That, Right Now – Love Aware

100 Days of Love Aware

I recently began a project on Instagram, #The100DayProject. It was a nice idea at first. But God took hold of my heart and it became a Project with a capital “P”. It’s called Love Aware and the project centers around becoming more aware of God’s extravagant love.

This daily practice is to be a day-to-day practice.  In my work writing, I’ll often outline or at least think about what I’ll be writing in the near future. During the Love Aware project, it became clear right away that this would be a day-to-day – and on the very day – writing project.

I’ve been blessed by experience to have such reliance on the Holy Spirit in some of my previous works.

When I was active in a pastoral role, as Assistant Pastor at a Baptist (Independent) church in Maryland, I was often asked to fill the pulpit at the last moment, whether on Sunday morning at our place, or at another gathering in the area.

More recently, my work at a Rescue Mission often had me deliver the evening message if the scheduled preacher didn’t show up. I was “Plan B” and was blessed at its frequent call (2Ti 4:2).

It’s amazing to wake up (or walk up), not knowing what to write (or say). While in prayer, it’s like a voice inside me (is that you, Holy Spirit?) says, “Write that, right now.” (Luke 12:12)

There are other requirements for this project:

  • Always write with an Audience of One (Gal 1:10). Each day’s entry is a love letter to God. They are never to be a preachy note to any human reader (except for myself, I guess).
  • While each entry is addressed to God, I’ll be sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally, on Twitter. If no one ever likes it or shares it, I’m to continue posting the entries. God will provide the increase (1Co 3:7).
  • Instagram is for the visual journey – and I’ll be finding new ways to visually compliment the work.
  • At the completion of 100 days, publish the work.

The project is just starting, but in the first two weeks, I’ve been able to draw nearer and nearer to God, and his love. I am more Love Aware than ever before.

If you’re alongside during the journey, I hope God blesses you with this work. And thank you for your prayers.

Love Aware Day 1