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100 Days of Love Aware

I recently began a project on Instagram, #The100DayProject. It was a nice idea at first. But God took hold of my heart and it became a Project with a capital “P”. It’s called Love Aware and the project centers around becoming more aware of God’s extravagant love.

This daily practice is to be a day-to-day practice.  In my work writing, I’ll often outline or at least think about what I’ll be writing in the near future. During the Love Aware project, it became clear right away that this would be a day-to-day – and on the very day – writing project.

I’ve been blessed by experience to have such reliance on the Holy Spirit in some of my previous works.

When I was active in a pastoral role, as Assistant Pastor at a Baptist (Independent) church in Maryland, I was often asked to fill the pulpit at the last moment, whether on Sunday morning at our place, or at another gathering in the area.

More recently, my work at a Rescue Mission often had me deliver the evening message if the scheduled preacher didn’t show up. I was “Plan B” and was blessed at its frequent call (2Ti 4:2).

It’s amazing to wake up (or walk up), not knowing what to write (or say). While in prayer, it’s like a voice inside me (is that you, Holy Spirit?) says, “Write that, right now.” (Luke 12:12)

There are other requirements for this project:

  • Always write with an Audience of One (Gal 1:10). Each day’s entry is a love letter to God. They are never to be a preachy note to any human reader (except for myself, I guess).
  • While each entry is addressed to God, I’ll be sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally, on Twitter. If no one ever likes it or shares it, I’m to continue posting the entries. God will provide the increase (1Co 3:7).
  • Instagram is for the visual journey – and I’ll be finding new ways to visually compliment the work.
  • At the completion of 100 days, publish the work.

The project is just starting, but in the first two weeks, I’ve been able to draw nearer and nearer to God, and his love. I am more Love Aware than ever before.

If you’re alongside during the journey, I hope God blesses you with this work. And thank you for your prayers.

Love Aware Day 1

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