Love Aware: Day 2

Awaken me, O Lord
early in the day,
Allowing a special time
for just You and I.

Keep my thoughts anchored,
Set a Foundation for this time.
A pace and place that will resonate
With each turn and tide.

If my thoughts stray,
Or cease to glorify –
Awaken me from my stupor
So I may refocus my purpose.

Towards you, I desire to live
In your service and setting
Whether alone – or in a crowd
Give my thoughts a secure path.

Let not my foot fall outside of it.
Protect me, please, if I stray
And gently align me again
So that I may be always aware…

Of your presence,
Of your power
Your enduring love and faith
With gratitude and love in return.

Note: Love Aware is my take on #The100DayProject

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