Love Aware: Day 1

O Lord, I know you’re there,
Actually here, and always. Everywhere.
And yet I desire, as you must too,
for me to draw and grow ever near to you.

In your word I read,
By Spirit’s guidance I feel,
And all evidence shows
How Jesus lives for real.

I’ve fallen short many times,
to show my faith and wonders.
I’ve made mistakes big and small,
Some permanently damaging blunders.

This morning a gut-check:
Your voice says, “Do these 100 days,
Do so unto God as audience,
Make a joyful noise with praise.”

“To shine a light so others can see
What comes out from me to you
Provide an obedient example,
So others might love me too.”

To grow in love, draw immediately near
God is and always had been hear
Abide vulnerably without fear.

Note: Love Aware is my take on #The100DayProject

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