Love Aware – Day 7: Pursuit with Holy Focus

Goose Flying SoloAs a lone goose flies calling out,
in pursuit of the one they’ve lost.
Like a cheetah races after her prey,
with focus no matter terrain’s cost.

Much like open arms of a mother’s heart,
Yearning for her grown child’s arms.
Lead me to a full-on pursuit of your love
Without distraction, keeping me from harm

As a spouse woos their love many years
to show loves continuing flame
I seek your heart and love, Lord
Confident you already know my name.

Creator, Sustainer, Giver of Eternal Life
Thank for comforting me with your truth.
I love you with all my heart,
And in Holy Focus I remain in pursuit.

Love Aware – Day 6: Complacency Strikes

bible-heart-crownComplacency strikes at the top of a peak,
When things are going just fine and dandy.
It seems at these times, Lord, I think only of me
Thinking of you if and when you might come in handy.

So focused on my own well-being,
and comfortable in new found ease
Pride takes over and I let go of you
Soon and quickly I neglect to please.

Forgive me, Dear God, for being so obtuse
Thank you for guiding me humbly low.
Whether peaks or valleys, I love you Lord!
New and various ways I’ll seek to show

Photo on Pixabay by jclk8888

Love Aware – Day 5: On Those Mornings

Morning Cup Love Aware MorningsOn those mornings
As I woefully, anxiously awake
When filled with stress and worry
Pondering my life’s mistakes

With prayer, I stop
In order to ease my mind
Giving Jesus my burdens
And so again I find

Rather than living the hurried pace
Tripping over problems perceived
Slowing to here, seeking your face
Noticing blessings received

On those mornings
As I wonderfully, miraculously awake
Fill me with joy and grace
As I leave my problems for you to take.

Photo on Pixabay by Unsplash

Love Aware: Day 4 – Joy Overcome Me

joyful man on beach

Joy, overcome me
Flooding in and out of every pore.
Drowning out any other emotion
Noticing God’s testimonies like never before.

With child-like wonder
Awe that captures my breath
Noticing God’s fingerprint
In all things wide, high, and in depth.

From healing a wound
to watching squirrels at play
and as the season’s flower blooms…

Let me see Kingdom Design
with a Christ-like lens and view
especially in times of darkness and gloom.

Like Paul in a jail,
Or David with but a stone,
Or Joseph meeting those that betrayed…

Let Joy overcome me
Giving praise to your name and glory
With immense thanksgiving for the blood price paid.

Note: Love Aware is my take on #The100DayProject

Love Aware: Day 3

love aware day 3 stanzaPlease God, forgive me of my sin.
Especially those I do over and again.
Holy Spirit guide and protect
From my enemies, even myself
Whenever my thoughts stray
When I put God on a shelf.

Let my focus be on you, Lord
All day and even more so
So I don’t take your love for granted
And I ever more closer I grow.

Stop me from my thoughts and deeds,
When they neither glorify or please.
As temptation nears and sin closes in,
To my knees in prayer I’ll come again.

Note: Love Aware is my take on #The100DayProject