Love Aware – Day 12: A Jesus Lens

bird on a branch in springLet me see, as best as I can,
With perspective from a Jesus lens.
Loving others regardless of means,
Status high or low, opponent or friend.

To notice beauty and blessings,
in the simplest of things:
the bud of a flower blossom,
the sound of dawn as birds sing.

To pause and look around,
and wonder at the work of your hand;
And see amazing testimonies,
of your design throughout the land.

Let me see as best as I can,
And look after things with Jesus eyes.
While gathering with others,
Loving them without disguise.

Seeking You first and always,
in every thing and situation to find,
Your Glory, presence and majesty,
At times overpowering my mind.

Rather than asking you to show yourself,
I need only to open my eyes to see:
The miracles of life and living
Thank you, Lord, for setting me free.


Photo on Pixabay by Gellinger

Love Aware – Day 11: Into Joy

lonely boyInto Joy

Your wonderful Word guides me into joy,
Yet I stumble at points now and too often, again.
Let me hide behind you, Lord
Protect me from my own selfish vain.

It sometimes seems like a constant fight
My enemies and opponents in numbers grow
I feel their gossipy and flattering lips,
At least in my silly mind I think it is so.

In my weakness, I dishonor you,
In my shining moments, I neglect to credit you,
In my boasting, I shame you,
In my shame, I hide from you.

Forgive me my sins, my errors so plenty.
Mold me into the man you’ve designed me to be.
Create in me a beacon for others,
to look right through me unto you, Lord.

As I recall things I’ve done or thought,
My stomach turns at those words or deeds.
Not to crucify Christ twice on the cross,
Yet forgiveness, I once again plead.

With thanksgiving for your tender mercies
Your enduring love, Your amazing grace.
And as I read Scripture with diligent study
Your wonderful Word guides me into joy.



Image from Pixabay by FeeLoona

Love Aware – Day 10: Praying Grace

GRACE by Eric EnstromPraying Grace

Lord, teach me what to pray,
Reveal to me your desire for me.
Put in my heart the want of your wants,
What to do, where to go, how to be.

Take away from me selfish requests,
That are not in your plan or will.
Remove from me the high hurdles of life,
Creating in me a battle uphill.

I don’t want or seek what is against thee,
But sometimes I don’t really know.
Illuminate me with your Word, O God.
Holy Spirit, I count on you to show,

Inspire me with song and sight,
Your wonderful creation has me in awe.
Move me into line with your way
In prayer and worship, full of joy I call.

Image via wikipeida
Original Photo: GRACE by Eric Enstrom

Love Aware – Day 9: Guide Me

love-aware-9Have mercy on me, Father.
Guide me through difficulties well.
Upon my lacking understanding,
Oh Spirit lead me, show me, tell.

Thank you, Jesus, for taking my burdens,
Every problem, every woe.
Quicken me Lord, remember me,
When my heart or foot is slow to go.

As I plod through life’s problems,
When opponents I must face,
Calm my nerves with Scripture,
Give my foothold a secure place.

And when your Word presents a hurdle,
When comprehension, I do lack,
Give me peace more than wisdom,
Relying only on You and the Bible I pack.

Thank you, Holy Spirit,
For through prayer and scripture you guide.
Nudge me along during my struggles,
In time, understanding please provide.

So grateful am I, O God on high,
Father, Son, and Spirit most Holy.
with Forgiving, Loving, and Enduring Faith,
Keep me humble, nimble, every lowly.

Love Aware – Day 8: Mind Echoes

Woman Arguing With Herself

The enemy has such a distracting voice
Floods of content, or echoes of voices past
Other times in my own imaginations
It seems those especially linger and last.

Drown out those voices, Oh Holy Spirit
Bring me back to verse or song
Re-focus me on things noble and good
So I stop thinking things bad and wrong.

Bring me back to a Bible verse
I’ve written on my heart with pen
Remind me of a gospel song
Singing in my heart remembering when

How to rest and abide in Jesus
knowing all He has done for me
and rescue my mind into comfort
so again my thoughts will be free

Photo on Flickr by probablyokay