Funeral for a Friendly Neighbor


Maybe you’ve seen a game of tag among the neighborhood squirrels. I think it’s a game they play. Sometimes, there is much noise and it seems at times some tempers flare when things get a little rough. When the birds join in, it can get kind of ugly.

As I was driving home recently, I saw one of our furry friends in the road, run over. I paused on the quiet road. I watched as other squirrels came over to the one that passed. Birds landed and watched from the sidewalk as other squirrels gathered on the street.

It was like a service for the one that passed. Those that played and fought stopped for a moment. Something to behold. A funeral for a friendly neighbor. It’s as if the birds supported the squirrels with Rom 12:15 in heart.

I looked up from my teary eyes and saw a lady standing still along the sidewalk, her dog sitting at her side.

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

If the animal kingdom can do this (squirrels and birds and dogs together), can’t we too, we people?

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