Wearing Black and Blue

Mike Sansone and Angela SansoneMy closet is filled with blacks (slacks) and blues (shirts). Occasionally, I get a glance or a question about my color choices. I offer this explanation:

Wearing Black and Blue

I often wear a uniform of Blacks and Blues
Just an anecdote in a story full of Good News.

In this world, we will get hurt, maybe even bleed
But there’s more to this story found in the Bible I read.

Living in this world presenting its troubles and woe
In times of both better and worse, to the Rock I go.

For there I find His promises: faithful, true, and tight
Washing away blacks and blues, turning them to gold and white.

If you find you’re at a junction, not knowing what to do
Fix your thoughts and focus on Jesus: Faithful, Sufficient, Everlastingly loving you.

John 16:33

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