Expectations Unrealized or Blueprints Unrecognized?

DisappointedMath or Myth? If there is no expectation, there is no disappointment.

Many of us embark on a journey or launch into a project, a day, a relationship with high expectations. When it doesn’t work out, we might become disappointed. That’s alright, We’ll get ’em next time! But maybe too much disappointment leads to lowering the expectations.

Does “Disappointment” come from Expectations Unrealized or Blueprint Unrecognized?

I dunno. Maybe I used to start lowering expectations so not to be disappointed, but that seemed like I was giving up before I got started. As if Expectations become replaced by Excuses.

One morning, I began wondering about “expectations” not as a thing, not as a noun – but as a verb. I’m still noodling this one around in my head and heart.

As Angela and I launch out on a new mission (more on that soon), my expectations are great, though not rigidly defined. I don’t know exactly all that God has in store for us, but it will be good (Rom 8:28). I expect wonderful and great things – according to His purpose.

He is after all, the Master Planner.

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