Quiet Writer for an Unquiet Mind

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Quiet Writer for an Unquiet Mind

A Practice of Prose in the Testing of a Tool

By writing in the manner in which I first grew accustomed (Just Spill!), I will be able to get more words from out of my head and onto the page.

Flowing, without much concern to the readability or legibility of the prose – until after it is written – will free me up to be faster as a typist, more clear as a generator of ideas, and more prolific as a writer.

The goal of my writing is to clear my unquiet mind. By wringing out words currently saturating my brain, I will be able to think more clearly. However, that is simply the selfish (primary?) reason.

Believing what I have to share can be of value to others, isn’t it then my responsibility to generously share what I have? To do otherwise would be boorishly hoarding.

Thus, to find a way to rid my head of these ideas and thoughts, while still capturing them for keepsake (or discard when necessary), is of premiere priority.

Finding the Chrome extension, Quiet Writer, might help me to continuously write as spilling comes to mind.

This is my first writing with this easy-to-use tool.

Photo on Pixabay by annazuc

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