Giving Benefit of the Doubt Godward

Worn Bible

Giving Benefit of the Doubt Godward

Scripture, when compared to itself, is without contradiction.
Penned by many men;
Preserved over thousands of years;
Widely accepted as inspired word of God.

When I don’t understand,
or even find myself in doubt
about something within the Bible –
I pray, but more than that:

I give the benefit of my doubt to God
rather than myself and the limits of my knowledge.
To do otherwise, would like eating an apple
from a certain tree and making this choice:

Do I have faith in God to guide me
into good and away from evil,
or do I prefer my own ability
to know the difference apart from God?

I have, at times in my life, questioned
validity and accuracy of the Bible as God’s word.
And while I still have questions of the Bible
I no longer question the Bible. Or God.

And now without doubt of God or His word,
the Bible is become to me more than a book.
It is a guide, a counselor, a mirror, a sage…
The more I read, the more I love each word and page.

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