Happiness is for the Birds

Happiness is for the birds.

For the river running downstream.

And for breakfast with Angela T.

Some might see their own day as rote or mundane. But it’s all in how you look at it, really.

Happiness resides in the new. In jaw-dropping experiences. With moments of out loud laughter. Times we wish we could rewind and replay over and over. But we can’t. And there is the separation between us and the birds.

Birds flying high, they know what I mean …

Many are averse to change, don’t like it when their routine is interrupted, yet complain about the same old-same old. Maybe they are spending too much time on the rewind of happiness past and missing out on the incoming new.

One reason I practice Early to Rise is to experience the freshness of a new day.

Butterflies know what I mean.

Have fun. It’s a new day.

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