Your Word – The Bible – Love Aware 40

Holy Bible

Your Word, O God,
Is a beacon of light,
Rescuing me out of dark places
Amidst shadows and fright.

How I love to dive in,
Soaking with tears I get wet,
Whether joyful or sad,
A cleansing I so often get.

From stories and parables,
Foretelling and song,
Clinging and caressing,
Guided right from wrong.

As I pray for wisdom or guidance,
You seem to allow me to find,
In my daily reading,
You speak to my heart and mind.

Thank you for my Bible,
and for teachers who,
can add perspective,
even an alternative view.

Even if I read the same passage,
Over and over I might see or hear,
An unction from the Holy Spirit,
Something new whispered in my ear.

Through thousands of years,
Protected and preserved,
Such a wonderful gift you’ve given!
Thank you, God, for your word.


Photo on Pixabay by T3W_CS

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