Because I Am Fragile…Trusting God

Road To SomewhereWe’re on the move again. With God guiding our steps (Prov 20:24 & Prov 16:9).

While we have an outline and a map, an itinerary and a plan – we will always be ready to pivot on God’s command for the sake of Christ.

Some people may not understand – and sometimes, I’m not sure I do either. It’s not wanderlust. It’s not fear of commitment (to people). It is our life.

The confidence and trust we have is this: If our journey takes us in a direction we think is right, and it doesn’t turn out the way we have planned, we trust in God. Paul had a vision to build a church, got thrown in jail, and trusted in God. And the jailer and his family became members of the church (See Acts 16).

We have a vision. And yet, there is a possibility of something else.

“Because I am fragile. And I don’t know God’s plans.” – Susie Davis

That quote rung true and comforting, sending me to James 5:13-15 this morning as a reminder to always trust God, no matter the circumstance. For what is my life?

We soon depart for South Dakota as our next short-term mission. After South Dakota, the vision is in process of definition and preparation. If these planned paths get diverted for some reason (and also if they don’t), we look towards God – even if a diversion seems to be bad news. 

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    Love to hear that you continue to trust and follow closely what your Abba Father tells you to do. And you are right we don’t always understand, sometimes we think we have “the” vision. Often it looks different than what we had imagined. We understand. Our ministry life adventure has often looked significantly different than what I “saw”. However, ALWAYS God had a plan. I’m grateful God allowed our paths to cross. You encourage and inspire us.

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